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Columbus Gateway

Call us to find out more about our Columbus gateway solutions for your exports and imports to and from Asia, Middle East and Europe. We offer state of the art warehousing and distribution solutions to cover all main gateways in the Midwest and Northeast regions. Call us now to find out more at 516.455.8485 or 614.934.1197.

More about our Columbus Gateway solutions: Call 516.455.8485 | 614.934.1197

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Our fashion client services are among the best in the industry. Responsive supply chains can make the difference you need to stay ahead of the pack. That’s where Trinity comes in. We emphasize speed and flexibility in fashion logistics, since sales depend on availability and changes in style. Trinity’s award winning fashion logistics solutions are now used by a variety of companies, from Fortune 100 corporations to main street retailers.

Call our fashion logistics experts for a one on one consultation at 516- 341-7775.

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Air Cargo

Sunday, June 19 represented a new milestone for Columbus-based Rickenbacker International Airport (LCK) in the United States when a 747-400 freighter arrived from Colombo’s Bandaranaike International airport in Sri Lanka.


Air CargoCourierOcean Cargo

Hong Kong has become the latest jurisdiction to set a tolerance level between the verified gross mass of a container declared by a shipper and its actual weight under the new IMO container weighing rule, which comes into effect on July 1.


Air CargoCourierOcean Cargo

A major U.S. exporter on Thursday urged Congress to send the country’s coast guard back to international authorities and request clarification on a new and controversial container weight rule in order to avoid severe port congestion. The Tyson Fresh Meats executive said the rule-making process was kept under wraps and made without input from shippers.

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