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In a transforming world full of technology, rumors in the logistics industry are that drones may make their way into delivering packages. How will the logistics industry handle this new technology?

In terms of aviation, unmanned aircrafts are different than the drones we’re talking about here. Drone technology has expanded in recent years. Drones are small, controlled hovering aircrafts that often have a camera. Through gyro stabilization technology, drones are perfectly capable of smooth flights. So how can this be utilized in deliveries?

Two years ago, Amazon told consumers that they should expect to someday have packages delivered by drones. In more recent news this week, Amazon patented their idea behind a shipping label that includes a built-in parachute for safe, easier deliveries.

What’s still up in the air is the number of parcels that drones will be capable of delivery. According to Amazon’s Prime Air, short deliveries will be capable of delivering a package in 30 minutes or less. But that’s just one package.

Short deliveries could be extremely beneficial for large scale stores, such as Walmart. Testing drone deliveries currently, Walmart states that 70% of Americans live within 5 miles of a Walmart store. This could mean fast, efficient deliveries of packages order from a specific store, when delivered by a drone from the nearest store to consumer.

Are Drones a Threat to Logistics?

The easy answer is no. The cargo industry will still be in business, even after drones become a delivery service. Small scale drones will simply deliver packages to a specific location. Air freight, for example has no worries in drones becoming competition, as air freight delivers large scale cargo of goods, not one mere package.

Federal law prohibits commercial drones from flying over populated areas. So even large scale drone delivery is not a threat. Companies would still need the use of logistic charters to transport their products from overseas.

Another article shares how drone delivery wouldn’t be a threat to delivery drivers. UPS drivers are planning on partnering with drones to deliver more packages in a shorter amount of time than just truck services can provide.

Overall, the logistics industry can expect drone deliveries to bring many changes to how packages reach a destination. However, this delivery service is no threat to air freight and other cargo services.