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As the summer fashion season draws to a close, many of us are finding excuses to squeeze in one last weekend trip to wear our favorite summertime pieces. From daring men’s rompers to cold-shoulder tops, this year’s summer fashion game proved that it was a different driving force from last year’s boho summer staples like shorts with crochet lace trim and button-up shirts adorned in vintage florals.

Clearly, fashion styles from summer 2016 were different from summer 2017. But they don’t just change from year to year, fashion styles also change from season to season as well. Think about it — you certainly don’t see colors like dark burgundy and burnt orange in the middle of a sweltering summer, because these are colors that are typically associated with the changing fall leaves.

As we move into fall, we certainly will see those colors on the shelves and racks of popular stores like Gap [can’t remember the other names of their clients, add in two more here] in the form of your typical fall staples. What else will we see this fall? And what else is coming? Read below to find out.


With kids and parents alike going back-to-school shopping, it’s enticing for everyone to purchase new clothing to look their best. With consumers wanting new clothing, fashion houses respond by resetting their own calendars and releasing all new styles. You’ll often see new styles of jeans, shoes and handbags making their debut in online ads, magazines, and TV commercials.  

Although everything on the racks is new, there are fashion styles that often stay the same from year to year. Typical fall colors like red, orange and yellow always adorn the runways, as well as patterns like argyle and plaid that make their way into long sleeve shirts.


Many patterns like argyle and plaid, carry over from fall to winter in the form of sweaters. You’ll often see other heavy-knitted pieces of clothing like scarves and hats displayed on the runways — but they aren’t strictly to keep you warm in the bitter cold. Chunky yet fashionable scarves, beanies, and fingerless gloves are geared toward making a statement out on the streets and in the office.


After a long and cold winter, spring serves as another breath of fresh life into the fashion world. Since nature’s beauty is so often weaved into fashion, you’ll see plenty of floral designs in a rainbow of pretty pastels, as well as clothing in every shade of green imaginable. Considering this year’s Pantone Color of the Year is “greenery,” it was only appropriate to have the shade in everything from sundresses to kitchen appliances. But will the shade stay for spring 2018?


Summer brings hot days, late nights and beach weekends, so light and airy clothing in shades of white, tan and sky blue are trendy. And since it’s the time of year where everyone is on the go, lightweight backpacks and satchels come into style to help you get from point A to point B with ease.