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Technology is one the fastest growing industries within the business world. As such, businesses can’t always anticipate the changes in technology that will be developed. In the logistics sector, there are several technology trends for 2018 that will prove extremely useful for a company to pay attention to.


Robotics have become a staple in almost any large logistics company. These robotics tend to be used primarily for things like packing and picking in manufacturing. They can also be used in conjunction with the Internet of Things (IoT) in a form known as collaborative robotics, or cobots. These cobots have become involved in packaging, picking, shipping, delivery, and visibility in logistics and at the same time are become key components in the AI and data analytics movement.

Before 2018 is over, up to 30% of new robotic deployments will use cobots that are operating three times faster than the existing robotics that were utilized by the end of 2016.

Logistics Safety

Logistics safety will become more prominent through 2018. With hacks into large nationwide companies like Aetna, FedEx, and Under Armour, cybersecurity has become a massive concern in the logistics industry. These threats have gone through to some of the most solid security organizations such as Equifax. With an increased demand for faster turnaround time, the risk of accidents in the transportation process will naturally increase. To that point, safety will become a large concern in the logistics industry and regulations will have to be passed to ensure safety and compliance within the logistics industry requiring more advanced analytics to track employee performance and adherence to safety standards.

Increased Mobile Presence

With the rise of new technology and incorporation into the IoT, logistics service providers will want to increase adoption of mobile apps. These apps would be used for the miles a truck has driven, for freight that’s sent or waiting to be sent, inbound orders, customer service interactions, and more. By using the data provided from these apps, logistics companies can help reduce demand and manage it more effectively.

The simple answer to the question posed by this post is: yes. Technology is absolutely a driving force that businesses can utilize and benefit from. By keeping track of the trends for the upcoming year and data provided by those trends, any business within the logistics sector can and will experience success.