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When you search for “online shopping” in Google, it yields 595 million results. Ecommerce sales are on the rise as businesses capitalize on the digital platform of their products. Consumers shop online for the ease of transaction. Find something you like, add it to your shopping cart and check out by adding a valid credit card and address. Within one to two weeks, the consumer receives their package in the mail, after anxiously waiting through the shipping process.

Online shopping is a strategic business, not only booming for retailers, but also for air freight. Among the millennials and gen-X generations, more than half of them prefer to shop online.

With strategic planning and tactics, businesses and retailers are utilizing Big Data and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Third parties track consumers through their online journey, following every click on every website, analyzing what the consumer is looking to find. Then, the same third parties place ads for the same information throughout the consumer’s internet. For example, if a consumer recently searched for “Summer Flip Flops”, it wouldn’t be unlikely for that consumer to see an ad from a shoe retailer displaying their summer flip flops on the market.

In the same way, SEO works to help online retails reach their online audience. Retailers use SEO to optimize their marketing and ensure their products are seen by as many consumers in their target audience as possible through the internet. As many as 97% of internet users shop online.

The fact is, that online shopping is becoming widely more popular. With SEO generating the best user experience, consumers see something they want online, and they buy it. The one thing that consumers don’t realize is that by increasing the demand for online shopping, consumers are also making the air freight business more popular.

Numerous retailers manufacture their products overseas. That means that all of the products must then be transported to warehouses, which then will be distributed to the consumers that made purchases. This is where air freight comes into play. Retailers will hire a logistics company, partnering in the transportation of the products.

Air freight is a major shipping method of delivery goods from the manufacturer, to the warehouse and then to the customer. During the holidays and high spending seasons, air freight sees a major boost due to online shopping. When consumers are supporting online shopping, they’re also supporting air freight, even if they don’t realize it.