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In terms of aviation and logistics, air freight wouldn’t be possible without cargo hubs. This global industry has grown vastly over the years, with the most recent demand growth increasing by 14% in March of 2017. As the demand continues to grow, so does the need for cargo hubs. When airports add or expand cargo hubs, it’s for a good reason.

Hong Kong International Airport

According to Airports Council International in a 2015 statistic review, Hong Kong International Airport is the number one busiest airport in the world in terms of cargo freight. This cargo hub has remained the busiest since 1996, providing the world with mass volume freight for over a decade as it has handled over 4.38 million tonnes of freight. Hong Kong International Airport has several partners and initiatives to help keep their success most efficient.

Memphis International Airport

In 2017’s ACE Awards for top airports, Memphis International Airport ranked 3rd in the world based on cargo freight tonnes. As the busiest cargo hub in America, Memphis has the largest cargo operations in the world.

Dubai International Airport

One of the top increasing hubs in the aviation industry is the Dubai International Airport. Not only has it increased the mass number of passengers per year, but Dubai has also increased charter traffic by 25% from just Europe and Australia alone in 2014. Because of this, Dubai has become one of the world’s most important cities in terms of aviation. In 2015 this airport was ranked as number 6 based on the metric tonnes of cargo freight handled.

More Cargo Hubs

With the increasing number of cargo hubs across the globe, charter traffic has an advancement opportunity. The more cargo hubs there are, the more freight volume can be handled. Freight capacity is a limiting factor for logistics, aviation and businesses transporting their goods. Through the expansion of cargo hubs, freight capacity can see growth and keep up with the demand.

Air freight demand is increasing its strength. Consumers want goods and products. Global trade is a major factor in keeping consumers satisfied. With the large majority of goods and products being made overseas, it becomes nearly impossible to transport without the use of air freight. Because air freight provides a fast turn around with shipments in a matter of a few days, logistic companies help their clients maintain and even growth their consumer demands.