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  -  News   -  Now in Motion: Trinity’s Rapid-Response Supply Chain

After over a decade in business, Trinity Logistics has developed a robust supply chain that fulfills thousands of orders around the world every day of the week. We are taking advantage of our global network to quickly move medical supplies from our Asian and North American warehouses to frontline responders globally.

Here’s how we’re doing it: 

  • We operate warehouse facilities in Hong Kong, Shanghai, and other key origins. This allows for quick processing and shipping of supplies directly to frontline responders. Our goal is to offer clients who supply PPE with the most cost-effective rates and design a predictable supply chain to enable them to keep moving PPE to the front lines.
  • We are utilizing our long-standing relationships with our suppliers, who have like us, reconfigured their operations in the fight against COVID-19.

How we Price for PPE:

  • We are strictly pricing our service to cover the costs of air transportation and support services.
  • All additional revenue from this initiative will be used to help our team members and their extended families during this time. Especially truck operators and warehouse workers who are keeping our supply chains moving. We stand proud beside and behind our crew.

Due to the extreme demand for supplies, there is a shortage of various resources. This includes air cargo space. Space is critical as PPE needs to move fast, securely, and arrive in perfect condition.

To meet these new requirements, Trinity will start operating its controlled capacity freighters and use its global hard block capacity to help our clients that need to move urgent medical equipment around the globe with little or no worries.

Our new capacity allocation is as follows: 

Priority 1:
All freight moving for medical professionals, institutions and first responders.

Priority  2:

Supplies moving for businesses deemed as critical support services in the fight against COVID19

Priority 3: 
Organizations helping to keep the general public safe, by providing necessary wearable gear .

While we are committed to the fight against COVID 19 and are prioritizing PPE handling; Trinity Logistics remains fully committed to moving all it’s clients’ cargo as fast as possible in this new day and age.  We thank you all for your partnership during this difficult time and look forward to getting through this with your support.

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